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About Bonus Predator
Bonus Predator is a site dedicated to bringing fairplay to a field of gaming that seems to offer little in the way of customer assistance. Not only do we review and break down the many sites and programs that are available, but we also operate as a collection of the best online bonuses to help you obtain the best gaming experience possible. We like to be your "go to guy" for information, strategy, systems, and safety in the field of online professional gambling.

Brought to you by professional gambler Jose Luis Miami and his trained staff of professionals, the information you find here has been tried, tested, and proven true over the course of time. Chozo Ninpo, webmaster certified in Internet Security Systems, keeps you up to date on the many gambling programs security flaws in order to maintain the safest possible enviroment for you, the users playing the games. Too many times have people been tricked into signing up for bogus gambling programs, or sites with insufficiant security, and lost thousands of dollars. Never again!

Also, Bonus Predator maintains an up to date web forum, complete with an optional Members Only section that is available to users when they subscribe to our premium content. These forums operate as a community with the spirit that gamers should be able to do so from the privacy of their own homes, while still maintaining the friendships and connections that they would get by being a continual real life casino member.

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